saeThis series came about when my oldest child was three. The questions she asked me, like many young children, seemed endless and also in need of a simplified answer.  I wanted to find a series aimed at preschoolers that were beautifully and intricately illustrated, and catechetically accurate yet childlike. Thus, the Curious Little Catholic series was born.  What started as hopes has come to fruition after three years in the making.  I am so thankful to my talented and beautiful mother, Nancy, for sharing in this project. I have spent many years admiring her artwork, it is a treasure to have these dear books to help pass on the faith through the generations.

We are grateful to His Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke, for reviewing the books.

nun2It is a great hope that these books will reinforce a familiarity with the beautiful mysteries of our faith for our littlest ones! Inside each book you will find simple text, darling illustrations, and accompanying scripture passages on every page. The scripture passages are simple yet foundational verses to be used, if you wish, for memorization purposes. The goal in mind was to encourage children in memorizing key verses that would form a memory to be used later on once they study apologetics. While aimed at pre-schoolers, the books are designed to be used in different ways for different ages.

Thank you for visiting the site, and your interest in the Curious Little Catholic series. All for Jesus, through Mary! This series has been placed under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ark of the Covenant. I truly hope and pray that these books will bring spiritual nourishment to the youngest of children and families alike!

Totus Tuus!



clc_eucharist500Book 1, “What is the Eucharist?”

This book introduces the mystery of the Eucharist, referencing it as Blessed Jacinta of Fatima called it, ‘The Hidden Jesus‘.  Intricate illustrations, text and scripture passages fill this book with a delicate yet precise explanation of the source and summit of our faith.


clc_sacrament500Book 2, “What is a Sacrament?”

This book, introduces the seven sacraments and their benefits, explaining them simply and joyfully. It also explains grace and holiness on a child’s level.


clc_vocation500Book 3, “What is a Vocation?”

This book, familiarizes children with vocations. It aims to encourage children to pray to protect their individual vocations. You will love the illustrations of various religious orders and priests throughout the country, including the Sisters of Life, Franciscans, and Missionaries of Charity!



annemarieAnnemarie (Nuzzo) Thimons is a graduate of Mother of Divine Grace Homestudy and Franciscan University of Steubenville. She’s been writing stories since she was nine, and is honored to share the Curious Little Catholic series with you.  She is blessed  to have her mother, Nancy, illustrating the stories.  Annemarie is married to her college sweetheart, Tom, and homeschools their five children Philomena, John, Charles, Maximilian and Thomas at their home in New York. She blogs at www.athimons.com

nancyNancy Rosato-Nuzzo is a freelance illustrator currently working in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York. A graduate of Long Island University School of the Arts, she is a mixed media artist who is inspired by the divinity she sees concealed within the daily cadence of life. When she is not in her studio, this mother of three, grandmother of six enjoys cooking, gardening and listening to the music of her husband of 34 years. She is delighted to be collaborating with her daughter on this project.

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